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Heel Buzz

Heel Buzz

Dhs. 220.00
Heel pain is a real life changer. Waking up every morning and putting your foot down and limping is soul destroying. After months it can wear you down until you are depressed. Most heel pain is caused by Plantar Fasciitis (PF). This PF is a wonderful thick band resembling a leather belts that originated from under your heel bone and divides into 5 segments attaching under each toe. It's job is to keep your forefoot attached to your rear-foot and keep upper arch up. Sufferers of PF always have arches in their feet. Flat feet cannot suffer from PF. The Heel Buzz is a 5mm Semi compressed gelt pad with a flap to  insert the vibrating small device. Sleep with the pad on your heel then in the morning before standing up insert the small device into the flap of the pad and let the vibration numb the pain. Remove the device and get walking. The pain will be less. It is advisable to also get a PF orthotic/insole. It should have lumps and bumps on it and it is not supposed to be comfortable for the first week. The arches start to fall and the PF engages to do it's job. The trouble is it stays engages all day every day. It's thick insertion into the heel will not let go and instead it pulls the outer casing of the heel bone away. The body thinks the bone is broken and cease boney swelling. which is why it is extremely painful to stand on your heel after resting / sleeping/sitting/drivign for a while. Once your circulation gets going after taking 20 steps the pain lessens. But now the PF is tugging on the bone and the process starts all over. Use the HEEL BUZZ for immediate relief and ling them get a PF orthotic.

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