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Plantar Fasciitis Heel Pain Orthotic Custom-Casted

Dhs. 5,400.00
This orthotic lifts all 3 arches of the forefoot, lateral and medial foot. This allows the Plantar Fascia band to completely relax by drawing the forefoot nearer the rear foot and the medial and lateral arches together. The Plantar Fascia is designed to hold the foot together and can become strained and pulled to its maximum length when parts of the feet begin to collapse. Plantar Fascia only occurs in week arched feet and cannot occur in flat feet. When good arches begin to fall the foot relies completely on the Plantar Fascia. The attachment into the heel suffers most as this is the complete band that attaches in to the heel bone. It pulls on the outer bone casing causing it to swell. This is why after rest it is very painful to put your foot down and it feels better after a few steps and the circulation and bone swelling dissipates. You must have a cast taken of your non-weightbearing foot to get the highest arch position. The Podiatrist will then make a special orthotic only for you that lifts all 3 arches higher than they should be to rest the Plantar Facia. Then after 6 weeks return to have the orthotic modified to neutral.