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This is a full spectrum treatment to get your feet smaller, stronger, slimmer and more tones in 12 weeks. We have to look at 4 main components of your feet to get a long lasting, serious result. Bones, muscles with their nerve supply, and ligaments. There are 26 bones in your feet all held together by ligaments. There are various layers of small muscles that make your feet have arches. The nerve innervation to your feet play a part on how toned your feet are, therefore - how slim they are. 

There are 3 components to the Footerella System to act on these 4 important elements of your feet. 

1. Bones, when the foot bones are flat, the foot is wider and longer. By lifting the inside, outside and forefoot arch across the from of your feet we make your feet smaller and slimmer. We do this with the 3 stages of the Footerella insole system of pink, gold and purple. The insoles lift the arches all up to a high level and the foot bones change position - just like teeth with braces at the Dentist. Each insole must be worn for 4 weeks all day every day. The more activity you do wearing them the better the result. So walking helps the process while wearing the insoles. 

2 & 3. Muscles and nerves. When muscles have a genetically poor nerve supply they are weak and flattened. The Footerella electro-muslce-stimulator is a slim small sticker placed under the middle of each foot. Leave it in place on each foot for 15 minutes until the program has completed. The intensity goes from 1-15. Try and use the highest intensity you can cope with. This stimulates the nerves and makes the muscles stronger - therefore slimmer. Do this 2 x daily for 12 weeks. You will see your foot twitching and moving without voluntarily helping. 

4. Ligaments. These are the bindings of your feet. They hold your foot together by keeping your bones next to each other. The foot tapes are used in specific places on your feet at night time and day time. Some of the time you should rest your skin overnight and not wear them so the skin can breath. But try to use them as much as possible. This added tension on your foot all tighten, slim and make your feet smaller. 

12 week program requires determination and some elements, at different times of muscle ache, foot cramps and leg stiffness. Lifting your arches and binding your feet will have side effects, your legs will change shape , your call muscles will ache but in turn will be more defined. Your ankles will look slimmer because the arches lift and hold the foot at a different angle. You will be taler - a higher arch does this. Your foot will be smaller so hold-off buying new shoes until you have finished the 12 week program.  Just like braces for your teeth give you mouth, jaw and headache the Footerella system will naturally do the same as it changes your posture and workings of your muscles. 

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