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Dhs. 3,900.00

AQWAZ is arabic for 'arches'. Michelle Champlin, Chief Podiatrist, will cast and mould your child's feet to make a perfect orthotic to align their foot, ankle and leg. At the fitting appointment, Michelle Champlin will discuss the fitting and the immediate new posture of your child standing on their new orthotics. Their arches will be up, knees facing in the correct position, pelvis aligned, shoulders back.  The results are immediate upon fitting the orthotic in the school shoe / sports shoe.

These are not insoles.  They are custom casted Podiatrist-made orthotics. We liken insoles to mouth guards for the teeth - and AQWAZ orthotics to dental orthodontic braces for the teeth. 

We make all our orthotics by Chief Podiatrist Michelle Champlin in our own laboratory in our clinic. We can have them ready within the same day if required. 

Cost includes cast, orthotic device and fitting session.

(Initial consultation, assessment review after 6-12 months are billed separately). 

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