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Diabetic Sports Orthotic Custom

Dhs. 3,500.00
This custom made Diabetic Orthotic is custom made from a plaster cast mould of the foot. It's exact fit and support reduce the risk of injury and help the wearer to endure more activity before foot and leg fatigue sets in.  This Diabetic Orthotic can cope with elements for various activities such as jogging, golf, tennis. It is not recommended for sports such as power lifting, football, rugby and extreme impact sports. It has a Diabetic lining that absorbs and distributes pressure and the casted footbed from the foot allows perfect and even weight distribution from heel to toe. You can select the colour of your choice for the top cover. It has a neutral heel and fore-foot design. This orthotic is not suitable for re-alignment of the foot as it is too soft to control the foot.

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