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Michelle Champlin Chief Podiatrist Extreme Custom Orthotics

Custom made foot devices for all types of foot disorders. Repositioning the bones of the feet to align the foot, ankle, leg and more.  Prescription based and made by the Biomechanist, Chief Podiatrist, Michelle Champlin, from a cast and mould of the feet. Everything is taken into account. Leg length discrepancy, hip socket size difference, knee position, pelvic tilt, tight IT band, Scoliosis, left and right calf muscle difference, groin ligament comparison in tightness, chin tilt, lead eye involvement amongst others. This very precise process is essential for endurance athletes, adventurers where life and death run closely together, olympic power lifters that demand firm plantation of the feet without fault, extreme heli-skiers that require perfect knee alignment, profession tennis and squash athletes that require reduction in ankle sprain, professional football and rugby players prevention of metatarsal fracture without impinging on a leg alignment that helps score goals etc....